Monday, April 27, 2009

Of Montreal @ Minglewood Hall 4/27/2009

Of Montreal for those who have had the chance to check these guys out are a six piece experimental, pop, electronic indie-rock group from Athens, Georgia (not Montreal).
This is the 3rd time i have seen Of Montreal, and they have amped up the intensity since I first saw them in 2007. Musically they are tight, but a little darker and more experimental reflecting some of the darker material on the last two albums. Many of their older simpler songs are being played in a more experimental way with some of them changing tempo mid-song (even in songs where that doesn't happen in the album) and a lot of drawn-out psychedelic jams.
None of my pictures turned out, but i'll try to describe the visual element of the show through simple words i think combined give you an idea of the effect of the many lights, skits, projects videos, and outright insanity featured in the show.

4.5 imaginary units of musical judgement (Watermellies)

For those of you wanting a little more Of Montreal buy at (amazon, 7digital)
Id Engager [mp3] from Skeletal Lamping
Friends of Mine [mp3] from If he is protecting the country who will protect Big Oil, Our Children?
Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse [mp3] from Hissing Fauna, Are You the destroyer?
If I Faltered Slightly Twice [mp3] from The Bird who continues to eat the Rabbits Flower
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Positively Delightful

Unfortunately, the authors of this fine musically oriented and wordy pseudo-publication have been busy lately. However, we have decided to delight you...

If that wasn't delightful enough. I happen to have stumbled upon You Aint No Picasso's 83+ collection of Of Montreal covers.

I know, you are delighted

Thursday, April 23, 2009


ok, so everybody and the company their aunt works for now a has Twitter account, and is now publishing their mundane actions online as we speak. But you and I knew this. What I didnt realize was that that Twitter can be a great way to find new music through 3rd party websites, people who tweet about music, and Twitter music search services. Now, thanks to this article on Wired's epicenter blog, I know that.

Now that we are all even more impressed with the tweeting phenomenon, I would like to announce that this blog now tweets.

(photo courtesy of the Yellowstone Digital Photo Archive)

more by the EELS at this austrian fansite

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lollapalooza Lineup is HERE

2009 Lollapalooza Lineup

What better place to see Depeche Mode, Tool, Jane's Addiction, Lou Reed, and the Beastie Boys, than Chicago?

I have already purchased advanced tickets and I suggest you do the same.

A more in-depth analysis of the lineup will be posted in the coming days.

Summer Lovin: Our Summer Music Festival Preview

We've decided to use the release of Lollapalooza's final lineup to give our own lesser known music festival rundown. Its skewed a bit towards the center of the country, but we would love to hear of any music festivals in your part of the country, just post it on the comments section.

Obviously we sort of assume knowledge of the bigger festivals like last week's Coachella, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Sasquatch outside of Seattle, and Bonnaroo in central Tennessee. We obviously recommend those highly, but here are a few smaller festivals you might be interested in. Perhaps we'll inspire the inner roadtripper inside of you.

Wakarusa - This nice little four-day camping Music fes
tival is featuring some great acts this year, if it is not drawing quite as many big names as its older brother (in spirit) bonnaroo. It currently resides at its new location at a camping ground outside of Ozark, Arkansas. up until this year it was outside of Lawrence
Kansas. Not to bore you with the details, here are our highlights of the lineup as well as the full list here.

Sound Tribe Sector 9, Les Claypool, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Matisyahu, Lucero and Gomez are just a taste of the full Lineup at a festival I have heard nothing but good things about.

Forecastle- This is a slightly smaller festival that ta
kes place in Louisville, Kentucky for 3 days in July. despite the heat Forecastle manages to bring out a few impressive bands for its size. This year its headliners are the Black Crowes, Widespread Panic, and the Black Keys, and the Avett Brothers, with smaller sets by bands like Umphrey's Mcgee, Zappa Plays Zappa, and The Whigs.
Having actually been to this festival last year for a night to see Tortoise I can highly recommend it as a small gathering of independent minded music lovers.

Pitchfork-Ok, so calling this festival lesser-known on a music blog might be a little ridiculous, but the lineup is amazing. Its a whose who up aspiring and classic Indie music, with some great well known and classic bands as well. just check it out...Ok, I'm a little impressed, and I will admit that. full lineup

Rothbury- In the interest of full-disclosure I had never even heard of it until I started digging around for music festivals last week, but it has a great lineup. If I lived anywhere near Michigan I would feel terrible for not going to this festival.
Featuring Bob Dylan and his Band, The String Cheese Incident, The Black Crowes (I know they get around), Willie Nelson and Family, Broken Social Scene, Les Claypool, Ani Difranco, STS 9, and Girl Talk.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drone, Doom

My current album of choice is drenched in doom. The three tracks of Nadja's Radiance of Shadows each extend drone metal beyond the 20 minute mark, the title track evoking total horror. Obviously, this album will box any quiet-enthusiast quite hard on the ears.

Imagine the complete obliteration of Earth and subsequent emptiness where the familiar once existed. Without the cathartic positivity displayed by Godspeed! You Black Emperor's symphonic Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven or the (severely) limiting abrasiveness of fellow doom metal act Khanate's vocalist, Nadja forgoes speed and technicality to form a wave of unrestricted terror.

Anyone seeking the heaviness and imposing dread of this record without such massive length (79:52) should check out the reissue of Nadja's debut album Touched.

Another recently discovered gem in the realm of doom, Ocean's Pantheon of the Lesser. As I am not sure how to convert this suggestion over to the Watermellies scale, I shall simply limit my recommendation of this album to fans of very heavy music. More uplifting music selections shall emerge in time...

First Post

What We Are...
This blog enlightens you, most esteemed reader about our musical thoughts as well as ideas we find personaly delightful pertaining to other subjects. We are not bound by "labels" such as "music blog" because we find that constraining. however we do enjoy discussing "labels" such as "Sub Pop Records" because they release enjoyable "albums" such as my personal favorite this week "FURR".

This wonderful piece of album releases upon the world a fourth album entitled "Furr" by a band named Blitzen Trapper. This Oregon based folk-rock group has released a wonderful record that sounds one's self with warm lyrics of the song of the album of the same name "Furr". That being said Blitzen Trapper is not afraid to explore a louder more experimental rock sound like in their song "Love U". It is a very good album that manages to satisfy my craving for wonderful well written folky songs and my cravings for more rockabilly and experimental songs in one solid album.
I also ponder whether or not lead singer realizes that he is in fact not Bob Dylan reincarnated. Normally there would be no way to verifiably know this, but Bob Dylan is in fact still alive and is releasing a new record "Together Through Life" which will be released on April 28th, 2009. Some of these songs can be previewed on his website.
This blog presents Blitzen Trappers' 2nd release "Furr" with 4 out of 5 Watermellies

This blog also recommends this record's purchase at here...

and for those of modest means we recommend downloading the small session the band did with daytrotter which you may find here.

As a side note SOUNDS MAKE SENSE promises in the future to write in a less convoluted way more fitting of its 21st century medium.

SOUNDS MAKE SENSE also promises to elaborate on the meaning of "4 out of 5 Watermellies" at its convenience.