Sunday, April 19, 2009

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What We Are...
This blog enlightens you, most esteemed reader about our musical thoughts as well as ideas we find personaly delightful pertaining to other subjects. We are not bound by "labels" such as "music blog" because we find that constraining. however we do enjoy discussing "labels" such as "Sub Pop Records" because they release enjoyable "albums" such as my personal favorite this week "FURR".

This wonderful piece of album releases upon the world a fourth album entitled "Furr" by a band named Blitzen Trapper. This Oregon based folk-rock group has released a wonderful record that sounds one's self with warm lyrics of the song of the album of the same name "Furr". That being said Blitzen Trapper is not afraid to explore a louder more experimental rock sound like in their song "Love U". It is a very good album that manages to satisfy my craving for wonderful well written folky songs and my cravings for more rockabilly and experimental songs in one solid album.
I also ponder whether or not lead singer realizes that he is in fact not Bob Dylan reincarnated. Normally there would be no way to verifiably know this, but Bob Dylan is in fact still alive and is releasing a new record "Together Through Life" which will be released on April 28th, 2009. Some of these songs can be previewed on his website.
This blog presents Blitzen Trappers' 2nd release "Furr" with 4 out of 5 Watermellies

This blog also recommends this record's purchase at here...

and for those of modest means we recommend downloading the small session the band did with daytrotter which you may find here.

As a side note SOUNDS MAKE SENSE promises in the future to write in a less convoluted way more fitting of its 21st century medium.

SOUNDS MAKE SENSE also promises to elaborate on the meaning of "4 out of 5 Watermellies" at its convenience.

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