Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drone, Doom

My current album of choice is drenched in doom. The three tracks of Nadja's Radiance of Shadows each extend drone metal beyond the 20 minute mark, the title track evoking total horror. Obviously, this album will box any quiet-enthusiast quite hard on the ears.

Imagine the complete obliteration of Earth and subsequent emptiness where the familiar once existed. Without the cathartic positivity displayed by Godspeed! You Black Emperor's symphonic Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven or the (severely) limiting abrasiveness of fellow doom metal act Khanate's vocalist, Nadja forgoes speed and technicality to form a wave of unrestricted terror.

Anyone seeking the heaviness and imposing dread of this record without such massive length (79:52) should check out the reissue of Nadja's debut album Touched.

Another recently discovered gem in the realm of doom, Ocean's Pantheon of the Lesser. As I am not sure how to convert this suggestion over to the Watermellies scale, I shall simply limit my recommendation of this album to fans of very heavy music. More uplifting music selections shall emerge in time...

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