Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dundun-dundun. DUNDUN.

I've been on a noise kick lately. Giddy Motors' Do Easy (metal-tinged noisy punk, swagger), Noxagt's The Iron Point (seriously Viking instrumental metal), and Zu's Carboniferous (Sax! Bass! Drums!). For Noxagt, by no means listen to Kling No Klokka. For Giddy Motors, by no means listen to Dotdotdot. This Zu album would be pretty unlistenable to the general populace, but what isn't? The Jonas Brothers, that's who. Also, Miley Cyrus. Zu is an Italian band producing arty, sludgy, noisy experimental metal. On two Carboniferous tracks, Mike Patton (founder of Ipecac Records and an important musical force) does vocals. This alone was enough for me to take notice; his vocals on "Soulympics" made the album. Wikipedia lists Zu's genres as "Math Rock, Metal, Noise Rock, Punk Jazz." Wikipedia is correct. If metal's not your thing, perhaps the krautrock of Can's Tago Mago could scratch one's incessant itch for quality listenings.

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