Monday, June 15, 2009

Top 5 best sites for free (and legal) music downloads

Now, we have already done a top 10 sites for finding new music, but what if you have succeeded in finding a good new band, but don't have the cash to shell out immediately for an album. Well this list is for you. Here we have the top 5 sites for free (legal) music downloads.

Remember, nothing is free, but there is no harm in freeloading

1. Internet Archive's Live Music Archive- the goal of this site is "to preserve as many live concerts as possible for future generations to enjoy. It is "strictly non-commercial". It has managed to accumulate a very impressive array of live shows.

2. NPR's studio Sessions- National Public Radio is not normally associated with the hottest new music, but it should be. Their whole live music archive is available to download. You can even find it on itunes in the podcast section. I think its simply amazing for someone who grew up listening to fresh air bored out of his mind to suddenly love NPR, but thats how good NPR music is.

2. Peel Sessions Archive- the accumulated recordings of legendary BBC music radio host John Peel. He literally recorded thousands of bands live. The site lets you browse by decade, artist name, or simply chooses the best 125 for you.

3.Daytrotter- Daytrotter records a band a day. 28 songs a week. It centers mostly on indie rock bands.

4. Hearya- a website that has a small (roughly 50) collection of live recordings as well as posts a few mp3s regularly.

5. 3hive- A blog that posts a couple mp3's and a new band every day. Great for finding new stuff, but not so good for

*Black Cab Sessions- Video recordings of Bands playing in the back of a black London cab. completely normal. It doesn't have any downloads, but it was so cool I had to throw it in.

Have I left any out?


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  1. here is another site. there is at least one free download each day, sometimes more. Said the Gramophone