Sunday, June 7, 2009

Intro: DJ Rupture

One of the favorites here at SMS is a artist called DJ Rupture who recently released a new album called Uproot. Its a great album and you can hear him talk a little bit about it here through an interview with Maga Bo. DJ Rupture has some really cool things to say about the album and living in NYC, and I am sure after watching the little 7 minute interview you will want to check out Uproot.

He also has a cool blog called at Mudd Up! You can also find his 2001 Gold Teeth Theif Mix there. If that peaks your interest I also recommend checking out the archives of his radio show on WFMU in NYC.
[mp3] Gold Teeth Thief Part I
[mp3] Gold Teeth Thief Part II
(it's good, but definitely a flashback to 2001)

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