Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Turntables

I acquired a turntable a few years back and used it quite a bit, but I have always had the feeling that I was not quite getting the most out of it. The sound was always crisp and nice, but I was never sure of whether I had everything set up correctly. That is until I read this article on Wired's how-to page.
I have to admit I am a member of generation that is not always used to analog technology. Even television has made the jump to digital. Most Mp3-players are fairly straight forward devices to-me and require very little "fiddling-around" to work properly. The Wired article does a brilliant job of laying out how to properly set up a turntable for us newcomers. After reading that article I feel much more confident about using my turntable, and I recommend this for anyone considering making the leap to analog. Don't you want to make sure the Azimuth is set up properly?

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