Thursday, June 11, 2009

Subpop Music Sampler

Well, Subpop Records has decided to release a bunch of free mp3's from their upcoming releases in order "in the hopes that you might like what you hear and then buy these releases for actual dollars". Normally I might try to avoid looking like a corporate automaton and attempt to stop myself from mindlessly consuming obvious bait in mp3-form, but it is a tricky situation.

The sampler has some great bands featuring songs including the Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine. If the sampler were Kool-Aid I would drink it. Let's face it. If you cant support a Label that signed both Nirvana and Flight of the Concords then what's left in the world?

Did I mention the site they have posted the sampler on is the sketchy-looking page I have ever seen?


  1. I should tell someone back home to turn on my computer and download this. Thanks for the heads-up.