Monday, June 15, 2009

White Denim Video

While perusing my favorite blog right now, You Aint No Picasso, I found a great video by Alt-Rock/electronic band White Denim. Ordinarily I would not simply repost some else's great find, but we analyzed this video in depth and found references to STARWARS. We hold ourselves to very high cultural standards here at SMS.

After receiving his gun the Hero of this video proceeds to strike the classic Tusken Raider pose as in Star Wars IV: A new Hope. This reference combined with the Jabba the Hit style
characteristics of the Villian makes the references glaringly obvious to those with a scholarly eye. The Villian barking at the band to start playing is another clear reference to Jabba's barking at the Max Rebo Band to start playing again in the Palace scene of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

Did I mention the White Denim Video was quite good? They have a new Album coming out on June 22nd called "Fits". I really enjoyed their last release which was an EP called "Lets Talk About It". They play a wonderful kind of Schizophrenic electronic influenced rock.
You can stream many of White Denim's songs including their last EP here.

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